First Touch

White, sterile, advanced, all one could see was technology. And then, from nowhere, through a tiny window, a rough sphere, ranging in tones of orange and red, with various formations throughout its surface is seen. Fascinating, a place only dreamt of until now. Increasing in size, the sphere appears ever larger and much more ominous as time passes. As gravity becomes noticeable, the faint hum of rockets grows and grows to a heavy storm of fire to compensate for the increasing speed. As if no time had passed, a blur of memory, 4 men emerged out of the craft with the intent to succeed. entering and exiting with equipment the astronauts set up camp for their first night under the nearly nonexistent sky. Slowly a building emerges out of the red dunes. Again, white, clean, and highly advanced, these accommodations were permanent. Equipped with every tool under the sun, this laboratory had it all.